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About us

It started with a seed...



Our hearts align with our community with the intentions of growth, mental and physical health, as well of creative expansion in a sustainable and conscientious space.

Seed Apothecary is located at 408 Main Street in Avon-By-The-Sea, New Jersey. 

Meet Cara & Alex, the founders of Seed to Sprout and Seed Apothecary. Their passion for all things healthy, natural, and organic led them to open their vegan and organic eateries, feeding people nourishing foods every day. As avid users of all things natural and herbal for themselves and their families, it has a been a long time dream to open an apothecary and share the magic of plant remedies with their community. They are truly so excited to help people nourish their bodies, from the ground up and the inside out.

A Certified Clinical Herbalist with a passion for sustainable wildcrafting, farming and intuitive movement as medicine. She can be found in the woods with her basket in hand, collecting the wild foods and medicines around her. She is forever devoted to the service of tending the wild, and empowering individuals on their journey to radiant health through connection to the medicine that the Earth has to offer.


Typically typing, listening, and learning, Dylan is the one that takes the beautiful inner workings of the Seed Apothecary team’s minds and puts them into action. She is a small business shopper, a sustainable thinker, and a creator herself. She has always taken an artistic approach to life, and is driven to share her perspective with others. You’ll typically find her merchandising and designing, listening to records and sipping a chai tea blend.


If you are interested in wholesale opportunities or becoming a stockist please email [email protected]!